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Can A Spinal Infection Be the Cause of My Back Pain?  Yes, spine infection can also cause back pain

Spinal infection, as the name suggests, is the infection that occurs in your spinal bones. It can be a bacterial or fungal infection and almost always accompanies back pain as the major symptom. The other symptoms can range from weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, severe back pain issues, difficulty in urination, and constipation. If you live in Chennai, do not take your back pain lightly and seek the help of the best back pain specialist in Chennai. As spinal infection can cause irreversible damage to your spine and body, always consult a trusted, experienced, and best back pain specialist doctor in Chennai.

There are two types of spinal infections that are prevalent in developing countries such as India, and they are Spinal Tuberculosis and Pyogenic Spinal Infection. Fungal spinal infection is rare.

Spinal Infection Summary • Yes, spine infection can also cause back pain • Spine infection is of 2 types • 1st is TB of the spine that’s is tuberculosis of the spine. • 2nd is caused by common bacteria other than tuberculosis. Normally these bacteria cause problems such as urinary tract infection, throat infection, etc.        

A. TB Spine

Spinal Tuberculosis is an infection that is typically found to be the most common type of spine infection. Experts believe that the infection is spread mainly from the lungs through the blood. Technically, the complete vertebra (spinal bone) or the part of the vertebral body is affected initially. Usually, it further spreads from the current area to nearby intervertebral discs. It is found that lack of proper diagnosis and treatment, eventually causes spinal cord damage. People get irreversible paralysis because of a lack of awareness. If you want to consult for your back pain or Spinal Tuberculosis infection, meet the best spine surgeon in Chennai – Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj.

TB Spine Infection Facts

• TB spine is the most common spine infection in our country. • TB can affect any internal organ system of our body. • After the lung/ respiratory system, the spine is the common place of TB infection. • Tb bacteria is available or present in our atmosphere @ a free cost. • When a person’s immunity goes down, he will be affected with TB.

B. Pyogenic spine infection

First and foremost, it is important to know that pyogenic spine infections are rare health conditions compared to tuberculosis spine infections. Therefore, it is a challenge to understand and clearly define the characteristics of the disease. This is the reason you must seek the Best Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Chennai for quick diagnosis, treatment, and effective care.

But we as spine surgeons see a group of people in our outpatient clinics, who come very late with weakness of legs or paralyzed legs, loss of urinary control. These patients used to have long-standing back pain which they hadn’t given proper attention by consulting a proper spine specialist. It is a long-standing undiagnosed infection, which had destructed the spinal column and has started to compress the spinal cord. These types of patients need emergency intervention in the form of surgery. Followed my medication. Some of these patients may have minimal residual lower limb weakness following surgery also. Follow-up medications are equally important as surgery in spine infection treatment.

Thus we want to make a point that early diagnoses and early treatment are key. This again shows that the sooner you will get the help of the best spine specialist in Chennai, the better will be the outcome. Therefore, schedule an appointment with Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj today itself and get the best treatment and solutions for your back pain. For more details, contact us at any time.

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