Dr Vignesh Pushparaj

Spine Care Specialist

Consultant Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
He is an expert in key hole spine surgery (MIS), scoliosis Correction (Spine deformity / Hunch back) and Spine Oncology (Spine tumour / Vertebral body tumours & Intradural tumours)

Best Spine Surgeon In Chennai

Spine Care

Consultant Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
He is an expert in key hole spine surgery (MIS), scoliosis Correction (Spine deformity / Hunch back) and Spine Oncology (Spine tumour / Vertebral body tumours & Intradural tumours)

Scoliosis & Disc Replacement Specialist

Your wellness is our focus. We aim to provide safe, high-quality cost-effective and state-of-the-art, operative and non-operative management for spinal disorders.

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+91 9150955655

National & International Fellowships

He had done both National and International Fellowships in Spine Speciality.

ASIA PACIFIC Long Term Fellowship

AO spine ASIA PACIFIC long term Fellowship.
(Park Clinic, Kolkata)
Fellowship in Spine Surgery Certified by International society for
Orthopaedic centre.
(Sint Maartenskliniek, Netherlands)

Chronic Pain Management

He has done Fellowship in Chronic Pain Management also. He is one
among the few spine specialists with both Spine Surgery & Chronic Pain
Management Fellowship.

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Our Treatment Services

Treatments done at Anaamalai Ortho & Spine Centre, Chennai

Back & Neck Pain

Cervical Spondylosis


Spine Fracture

Microlumbar/ Tubular Disccectomy

Osteoporotic Fracture


Spine Tumour

spine injection procedure

Injection Procedures in Spine

Best Spine & Neuro Specialist Doctor in Chennai, India

Spine, joints, and ortho issues can affect anyone in varying degrees at some point in life. Apart from significantly lowering one’s quality of life, Orthopaedic issues can also affect the peace of mind. However, most bone, joint, and spine issues are easy to fix with expert medical advice and interventions. If you’re looking for the best orthopaedic doctor in Chennai, India you need to look no further. You have arrived at the right place with the best medical expertise, updated knowledge, and technologically advanced; to help treat all kinds of the spine and orthopaedic issues. Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj
specializes in all ranges of Orthopaedic and spine problems. He will help you achieve freedom from joint and spine-related issues; by providing a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life.

We have a specialist who is one of the best Spine Surgeon Doctors in Chennai, India. Who can deliver all the expert advice, care, and interventions you need. He will help you to achieve an excellent pain-free quality of life. We will diagnose and treat the entire range of Orthopaedic and spine-related problems with our leading spine and ortho surgeon, Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj, and the latest technology, tools, and trained technicians. Our lead surgeon specializes in all kinds of ortho and spine interventions and surgeries ranging from simple bone fractures to complex spine and joint issues.

With the vast range of treatment options and strategies for spine and ortho issues, at our Centre, you can also access the best spine doctors in Chennai. Who will help you recover from significant spine and joint problems? Centrally located in Thiruvanmiyur, our clinic is easy to reach if you’re looking for the best Orthopedic spine specialist in Chennai, India closer to where you live. Ortho and spine-related issues are easiest to cure if they are diagnosed and treated early. If you’re suffering from any bone, joint or spine-related problems, visit us today.

Spine Care

With access to 24-hour emergency assistance.

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Your wellness is our focus. We aim to provide safe, high-quality, cost-effective and state-of -the-art, operative and non-operative management for spinal disorders.

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What Our Patients Say

Ravindran N
Ravindran N
Nowadays most of the doctors are not considering the patient's difficulties and even not speaking with them. Vignesh sir is totally different among them, he really cares about the patient's health and mental health. My mother was suffered with a shoulder pain and we consulted Vignesh Sir and he has treated her very well and now she is not feeling any pain in her shoulder. Thank so much to Vignesh Sir and his clinic staffs for the better hospitality.
uma parameshwari S
uma parameshwari S
I went to Dr. Vignesh clinic in Thiruvanmaiyur a fortnight ago, had severe pain in my neck, feared it to be vertigo... But the doctor with thorough understanding of the situation confirmed that it'd not vertigo and just work related stress (I was having all symptoms of vertigo such as dizziness, continuous pain etc). Later after taking a tablets for 1 week and physio exercise gave me great relief, now that Im out of pain n happy... Thank you Dr. Vignesh for the timely and exact treatment 👍 😊
Neet and clean costomer service Surgery was completed successfully by the help expert doctors.
ortho department
ortho department
dr. vignesh pushparaj is the best spine surgeon, among the whom i have met.
Shiva Krish
Shiva Krish
I can't recommend Dr. Pushparaj enough! After suffering from debilitating back pain for two long years, I finally found relief through exercise under Dr. Pushparaj's guidance. Their expertise in ortho spine care is unparalleled, and their personalized approach truly made all the difference. Thanks to Dr.Pushparaj, I've regained my mobility and quality of life. If you're struggling with back pain,or any other joint pain, don't hesitate to seek help from this incredible doctor!
Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
சரியான கணிப்பு சரியான தீர்வு