Frequently asked Questions

How Safe Is Spine Surgery?

99.9% safe. Spine surgery is safer than all surgeries. If it is done in a needed situation and if the trained surgeon does it.

What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Minimal invasive spine surgery is an alternative to traditional open spine surgery.
• Reduced muscle damage, no muscle cutting is done
• Minimal risk of infection and postoperative pain
• Faster recovery from surgery
• Minimal pain medications after surgery

What Is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Here, we fuse 2 or more spine vertebrae that are mal-aligned or unstable.

What Is Laser Spine Surgery?

Colloquial name of minimally invasive spine surgery

Would I Be Able to Bend Forwards And Carry On With Activities That Need Bending Forwards Of Spine, After Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Absolutely yes.

When Would I Start Walking After Spine Surgery?

The same evening post-surgery

For How Many Days Would I Need to Stay in India After Spine Surgery? (For International Patients)

10 day’s post-surgery.

When Can I Have Sex After Spine Surgery?

3- 6 weeks after surgery.

For How Long Do I Need to Do Physiotherapy After Spine Surgery?

The patient may need the help of a physiotherapist for 1-2 weeks. Then they can continue the exercises on their own. It will be better if we do exercise lifelong minimum 5 days a week.

What Precautions Do I Need to Take After Spine Surgery?

Not to lift weight till we advise

When Can I Join Office/ Work After Spine Surgery?

If it is traditional open surgery patient may need 45 days rest. Or it is minimally invasive spine surgery patient can go back to routine after 2 weeks.

When Can I Start Driving After Surgery?

If it is traditional open surgery patient may need 45 days rest. Or it is minimally invasive spine surgery, and a patient can go back to routine after 2 weeks.

What Is Scoliosis and How Is It Treated?

scoliosis patients are ’S’ or “C’ shaped spine instead of the usual straight spine. colloquial name is hunch back.

Will I Have Irreversible Damage If I Delay Surgery?


When Do I Need a Spinal Fusion?

If your spine is unstable (means abnormal mobility between spinal vertebrae) and malalignment in spine vertebrae, we need spine fusion.

What Is Disc Degeneration?

Wear and Tear in spine disc, disc dehydration is called disc degeneration. MRI Disc degeneration without symptoms doesn’t need any intervention. Physiotherapy, exercises and lifestyle changes are the needed things.

When Do I Need Cervical Spine Surgery and What Should I Expect After Surgery?

It is needed in cervical disc prolapse causing spinal cord compression.

What Is The Non-Surgical Treatment Of Back Pain?

Lifestyle changes such as ergonomic posture maintenance, adequate water intake, regular stretching and core strengthening exercises.


Abnormal narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal, causing spinal cord compression.

What Are Facet Joint Injections?

An anti-inflammatory injection given at the degenerated or swollen facet.

Do I Need to Get Xrays/MRI For Back Pain?


When To Get X-Ray/MRI Done?

X-rays are needed if you have intolerable back pain. MRI is needed when you have radiating pain in the arms or legs, difficulty walking, urine and motion disturbance.