Best Back Pain Treatment In Chennai

Are you afraid of spine surgery?
Good news: Modern day spine surgery carries less than 1% chance of developing weakness
in the legs, Equivalent to anybody having a major road accident

Spine fractures

Spine injuries range from mild ligament injury to fracture and dislocation of vertebrae with or without damage to the spinal cord. Treatment depends on the type of fracture and degree of instability.

Most spinal fractures occur in the thoracic (midback) and lumbar spine (lower back) or at the connection of the two (thoracolumbar junction). Cervical/ Neck fractures usually result from high-energy trauma, such as automobile accidents or fall from height. 80% of patients are aged between 18-25 years, men are 4 times more likely to have spine injury than women.


  • Car or motorcycle accidents.
  • Fall from height.
  • Sports accidents.
  • Fall of heavy object.
  • Slip and fall.
  • Violent seizure.


  • Severe neck or back pain.
  • Difficulty to feel / move the limbs.
  • Loss of urine and motion control.
  • Partial/ complete loss of power of the limbs/ difficulty.

Prevention We can help protect yourself and your family if you:

  • Always wear a seat belt when you are driving or a passenger in a car.
  • Never dive in a shallow pool area, and be sure that young people are properly supervised when swimming and diving.
  • Wear the proper protective equipment for your sport and follow all safety regulations.

Spine injury is the most devastating ailment that can afflict mankind. Because of the significant physical, psychosocial and economic consequences, the dictum, “prevention is better than cure” perhaps is most relevant.

Back pain is the second most common cause for visiting a doctor after common cold.

1 out of 5 adults suffer from back pain world wide.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To become a leader in Comprehensive Spine management, committed to innovative treatment methods and positive outcomes.

Mission: To relieve pain and improve the quality of life of our patients through personalized/ tailored care at an affordable cost


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