Epidural Steroid Injection for Back Pain

Spine injections are still a conservative option than surgery or even minimally invasive surgery.

  • Epidural steroid injections: Drug is applied to the areas of problem in the spine directly. It is commonly used to treat degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, and arthritis.


  • Selective nerve root block: These are injections of numbing and anti-inflammatory agents applied to the facet joints between each vertebra in the spine. They provide long-term relief from spinal axial pain.
Injection procedures in spine
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A Selective Nerve Root Injection is a more precise injection done under fluoroscopic guidance (X-Ray) with a long lasting steroid (“cortisone”) around the nerve root which is compressed.

It is a therapeutic injection (The steroid will therapeutically reduce the inflammation and pain caused by pressure on the nerve). This is considered a very safe procedure. This injection can be used as a diagnostic, as well as, a therapeutic injection. It helps us determine which nerve is irritated by “numbing” the nerve.

  • Facet joint injection: It is also a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to confirm that facet syndrome is the source of our back pain. These procedures provide an effective treatment regimen that affords substantial, sustained back pain relief.
  • Stem cell injection: stem cells are collected from the patient’s own bone marrow and injected to the weakened areas of the spine (endplates & degenerated Discs) that need to regrow cartilage.
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