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About Dr Vignesh Pushparaj an expert in key hole spine surgery (MIS), scoliosis Correction (Spine deformity / Hunch back) and Spine Oncology (Spine tumour / Vertebral body tumours & Intradural tumours)

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Dr. Vignesh – India’s Best Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Doctor in Chennai

In India, a vast number of spinal operations are performed every year. If you are a resident of Chennai, thousands are suffering from different spine-related issues and undergo spinal procedures in the city. One of the major challenges in such surgeries is to achieve patient recovery without impacting the supporting tissues, causing no trauma and preventing pain.

Thanks to the advancement in technology and the latest equipment there are effective and successful solutions now available for the treatment of back and neck pain in patients. One of them is Endoscopic Spine Surgery or ESS. Moreover, there are best endoscopic spine surgery doctors in Chennai, India who are taking care of patients by leveraging the best treatment solutions and practices.

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery can be understood as the spinal surgery procedure wherein small incisions of less than one inch, tubular systems and an endoscope are used. The endoscope is like laparoscope that is inserted in the backside of spine. It acts as a spinal imaging instrument/ video camera to visualize the specific field of interest to be operated. The spinal endoscopic surgery doctors in Chennai thereafter pass the surgical instruments via endoscope and perform the procedure.

The endoscope technology goes way back to the 1980s. However, lack of precision prevented it from being used on a larger scale. Three decades later, modern technology acted as a catalyst in bringing endoscope surgery to the forefront. Today, high definition camera, easy accessibility and advanced techniques combined make it a popular choice among spine surgeons worldwide.

ESS is an advanced form of surgery. The major highlight of the ESS procedure is that it minimizes surgical pain extensively when compared with the traditional open procedure. Plus, the recovery time of the patient is faster. If you or your dear or near one in Chennai requires to undergo spine surgery, who wants to meet doctor for endoscopic surgery treatment in Chennai as fast as possible. Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj is one of the leading and trusted spine surgeons in Chennai, India. Consult him today for the best medical advice and effective treatment solutions.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Types :

Endoscopic Spine Surgery is performed on patients who are diagnosed with the following:

  • Lumbar Disc herniation/ disc prolapse
  • Facet arthropathic
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Cervical disc prolapse
  • Cervical radiculopathy

However, at this point, it is important to note that doctors often recommend and provide non-surgical options first. Once it is observed and concluded that the treatment including medications, injections and therapy isn’t working, endoscopic surgery is suggested as the final option.

The endoscopic spine surgery types performed by endoscopic spinal surgery doctors in Chennai include:

  1. Endoscopic Foraminotomy
  2. Endoscopic Facet Rhizotomy
  3. Endoscopic Lumbar Laminectomy
  4. Endoscopic Discectomy

Benefits of Endoscopic Spinal Surgery :

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery is a revolution in the medical field which when properly utilized by expert surgeons can provide a vast number of benefits and unmatched relief to the patients suffering from back and neck pain. Some of the major benefits of endoscopic spinal surgery are:

• ESS procedure doesn’t require cutting through the skin. Thus, the impact on soft tissues such as skin and muscle is drastically reduced/ almost zero.

• No blood loss

• Less chance of infection

• Very minimal post op pain

• Faster healing

• Fast recovery & early return to regular activities

How to Find the Best Endoscopic Spine Surgeon in Chennai ?

With exponential growth in the number of hospitals and doctors now available in Chennai, it can indeed become a daunting task to find the best endoscopic spine surgeon in Chennai. However, it is important that you may consider some factors before getting the surgery done.

First of all, the spine surgeon in Chennai, India must be highly qualified with the necessary certification and best of medical knowledge. Secondly, he or she must be proficient with a good amount of experience in conducting endoscopic spine surgery. Also, the concerned must be a specialist in the specific area of your concern. Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj fulfils all these requirements. Therefore, you can consult him for the best spine treatment and endoscopic spine surgery as well. For more details, get an appointment today.